Schaerbeek, 2016.
Schaerbeek, 2016.

Jessica De Saedeleer is a violin maker in Brussels.

She creates, adjusts and repairs modern and baroque bowed instruments, finding the optimal adjustment for each instrument, harmonizing with the personality of each musician according to his needs. She combines traditional techniques of violin making with modern acoustical technologies with passion and excellence.


Jessica learned violin making at the International School of Cremona (IPIALL, Italy) and she also graduated Musicology at the Brussels University (ULB).


Awarded by the Belgian Fund « Vocatio » in 2007, she regularly takes part to diverse improving courses in acoustics, violin design, stylistic, varnishes, etc. in Belgium and abroad. She participates to several exhibitions of contemporary violin making in Sevilla, Paris and Brussels.


Moreover, Jessica De Saedeleer supports the association Music Fund.